Liechtenstein's Kaiser AG Acquires American Premier Manufacturing

In June the Liechtenstein industrial company Kaiser AG bought 100% of Premier Oilfield Equipment, a US manufacturer of hydrovac vehicles. The manufacturer, based in Fort Morgan, Colorado, has historically produced specialty tanks, vacuum trailers, and hydro-excavators to the oil and gas industry.

From left: Kaiser AG CEO Markus Kaiser and Kaiser Premier CEO Dan Weber.

Markus Kaiser, CEO, believes the purchase represents an important strategic step for Kaiser AG. The move puts the company in a stronger market position, and “well on its way to becoming the only manufacturer of vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal that operates on an international scale,” according to a company statement.

All of the 100 employees at Premier Oilfield Equipment, now called Kaiser Premier, will be integrated under the new leadership. According to Markus Kaiser, “We have expanded our global market position and now have 500 employees at 6 manufacturing sites.”

Dan Weber, the new Kaiser Premier CEO who brings more than fifteen years of experience, believes that Kaiser AG’s capital investment will help the company become a leader in the US market for recycling vehicles.

Kaiser AG is a family-owned enterprise based in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein. It was founded in 1913, and Markus Kaiser is a third-generation CEO. Kaiser AG has production plants and international operations in Liechtenstein, Italy, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, and now the United States. The company’s core products are vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal as well as mobile walking excavators.