Newly Opened "Liechtenstein Trail" Featured in the New York Times

On May 26 the New York Times featured a full-page article showcasing the opening of the Liechtenstein Trail. In celebration of Liechtenstein's 300th anniversary, the 46.6-mile Liechtenstein Trail was opened to take people on an interactive hiking experience through all of Liechtenstein's 11 towns. By downloading the "LIstory" App, hikers of all levels can learn about numerous aspects of Liechtenstein through augmented-reality, experiencing the country on foot while using interactive features on the app. People can walk the entire route or choose certain segments. John Henderson of the New York Times writes that " trekkers will be able to download an app that shepherds them along the route and also describes 133 points of interest. When trekkers point their cellphones at on of these 133 spots, augmented reality will help them visualize how it appeared in history or why it is notable."

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