Celebrate Liechtenstein's Tricentennial in 2019! Activities, Events and a Special Travel Tour

Friday, September 28, 2018

You might have noticed that for the past several months the Embassy of Liechtenstein has been incorporating a special logo on its website, social media and e-mails stating "300 Years Principality of Liechtenstein 2019." As you may have deciphered, 2019 will mark the 300th anniversary of Liechtenstein’s founding. This momentous occasion will be celebrated with various events and activities throughout the year, presenting a unique opportunity for Liechtenstein to highlight its rich history while looking forward to a promising future. A special travel opportunity will also be offered.


Following the purchases of the Lordship of Schellenberg and the County of Vaduz in 1699 and 1712, respectively, in 1719 the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI united the two, elevating them to the rank of Reichsfürstentum (Imperial Principality), establishing the borders and territory that still exist today. (Learn more about Liechtenstein's history here)

The year-long festivities will kick off with a birthday celebration of the country’s founding on January 23, 2019. On this day, citizens from all 11 municipalities will march through the country, visiting symbolic sites and concluding their journey in the central location of Scheidgraben. One group of marchers will begin in the north, placing blue lights along their route, while the other begins in the south, similarly placing red lights. When they meet in Scheidgraben at the end of the day, the celebration’s grand finale will broadcast a view of their routes to show how the colored lights combine into Liechtenstein’s national colors. Scheidgraben serves as the march’s ending location because it lies on the border that formerly separated the territories of Vaduz and Schellenberg, symbolizing where they joined together to establish a united and formally recognized Liechtenstein, establishing it on the European map.

Over the course of 2019, Liechtenstein will be celebrating its anniversary with a range of events. We warmly invite visitors to discover and explore its history and stunning natural scenery in person. Eleven events (referring to Liechtenstein's 11 municipalities) during the anniversary year aim to foster a sense of unity and purpose among the population, encouraging residents and visitors to learn about the country’s identity and develop ideas for the future.


Of those events, on February 28 a special exhibition at the Liechtenstein National Museum will provide historic insight into the country from 1712-1772, a period of self-realization in Liechtenstein, which starts with the acquisition of the County of Vaduz by Prince Johann Adam I and ends with the death of Prince Joseph Wenzel. The development and history of Liechtenstein will be portrayed, as well as the art, architecture, music, and daily life of residents during this Enlightenment period.


The project “Geschichte 3.0” (History 3.0), will launch a new app May 25-26 that will utilize technology to make Liechtenstein’s history more accessible to the public. This “LIstory” app will incorporate augmented reality, videos, audio, and text to make 130 historic locations throughout Liechtenstein come to life for users. The points of interest featured in the app are connected along a 66-kilometer path to create a “Liechtenstein-Weg” (Liechtenstein Trail) through all 11 municipalities. This app will help visitors learn more about Liechtenstein’s history while traveling the country and experiencing its innovative technology.

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The “Staatsfeiertag”, or national day celebrations, on August 15th will be the climax of the year’s events. On this day, all in Liechtenstein will gather in the capital of Vaduz to celebrate the holiday as a whole community. The public is invited by the Princely House to the grounds of Vaduz Castle for a garden party. Later, people can enjoy festivities in Vaduz.

From September 19 through January 2020, selections of the art collection of the Princely House of Liechtenstein will be displayed at the Kunstmuseum, Liechtenstein’s museum of modern and contemporary art, consisting of works by Peter Paul Rubens and Adrian de Fries, among others.

Group Tour: Travel Through Liechtenstein's History

The Liechtenstein Princely Family has a history deeply rooted in Vienna and the nearby areas of what is now the Czech Republic. For Liechtenstein's 2019 tricentennial a special group tour is being offered called "In the Footsteps of the Princes of Liechtenstein" visiting landmarks of the Princely Family in and around Vienna and concluding in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The City Palace's Ballroom. Copyright Palais Liechtenstein Gmbh Fotomanufaktur Gruenwald

The tour will begin in Vienna where participants will be given a tour of the Princely Art Collections (the largest private art collection in the world) at the Liechtenstein Garden Palace and City Palace. While in Austria participants will also tour the Liechtenstein Castle in Mödling. The tour will include a visit to the former (UNESCO World Heritage) castles of the Princes of Liechtenstein in Lednice and Valtice in the Czech Republic, as well as a visit to the vineyards of the Liechtenstein Princely Family in Wilfersdorf, Austria. The tour then shifts to Liechtenstein where participants will enjoy sightseeing throughout the Principality including many of the above-mentioned events. The trip will take participants into the Liechtenstein Alps to the resort town of Malbun. Visitors will get a "backstage" tour or the masterpieces of the Princely Collection on display at the Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum (if travel is planned following its September 19, 2019 opening), as well as a tour and tasting at the vineyards of the Liechtenstein Princely Family in Vaduz.

Lednice Castle

For more information about the "In the Footsteps of the Princes of Liechtenstein" tour, please contact Renate Bachmann, Head of Tourism, at Liechtenstein Marketing at renate.bachmann(at)liechtenstein.li or by calling +423 239 63 10.

For further information about activities and events related to Liechtenstein's tricentennial, please visit: https://www.300.li/en.