A 25 Year Milestone in Liechtenstein-US Diplomatic Relations

On March 14, 2022, Liechtenstein and the United States paid tribute to a significant benchmark in their bilateral relations, namely 25 years since the first US Ambassador was accredited to Liechtenstein. In a post to Twitter, Ned Price, Spokesperson for the US Department of State stated: "Today marks 25 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Liechtenstein. We enjoy a strong relationship based on close commercial cooperation and common support for democracy, human rights, and free markets." Scott Miller, US Ambassador to Liechtenstein, celebrated the occasion by visiting Doris Frick, Liechtenstein's Ambassador to Switzerland, at her residence in Bern where they toasted to excellent relations. In a statement posted by Ambassador Miller, he said " the United States and Liechtenstein have built a strong, durable, and productive partnership. We share a commitment to democratic values, the rule of law, the power of education and innovation, and the need for responsible behavior in the international community."

Georg Sparber, Ambassador of Liechtenstein to the United States also paid tribute to the momentous occasion by making the following statement:

Statement by Georg Sparber, Ambassador of the Principality of Liechtenstein to the United States of America

On this day 25 years ago, Ambassador Madeleine Kunin presented her credentials to H.S.H. Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein accrediting her as the first United States Ambassador to Liechtenstein. This was a milestone in the history of our diplomatic relations and the friendship between our peoples. Soon after, in 2000, Ambassador Claudia Fritsche was accredited as Liechtenstein’s first Ambassador to the United States in Washington, D.C.

The partnership between Liechtenstein and the United States is based on our unwavering commitment to the rule of law, democracy and freedom. As a result, today, we stand together in strong condemnation of the aggression suffered by Ukraine at the hands of Russia and in full solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine. The prohibition of the use of force in interstate relations and the sovereign equality of States are fundamental principles of our international order. Never has it been more important to defend them from erosion. Over the years, Liechtenstein and the United States have been trusted partners at the United Nations, the OSCE and other multilateral fora in advancing our common goals for peace and justice on the basis of the United Nations Charter and the Helsinki Final Act. This is the time to defend our institutions and to recommit to an inclusive, transparent and effective multilateralism.

Together, we have come a long way in the last 25 years. Our bilateral cooperation is based on a firm commitment to open economies and societies, to innovation as well as to academic and cultural exchanges between our peoples. Dialogue is at the very heart of diplomacy and has been a central driver of Liechtenstein’s relationship with the United States. This dialogue has built friendships over time, not only in Vaduz and Washington, but also at the state and local levels, and created awareness and understanding of the great diversity and many commonalities of our peoples.

Our economic cooperation has grown significantly over time. Today, Liechtenstein companies provide thousands of jobs in the United States and Liechtenstein’s investment in the United States continues to increase with its highly innovative companies playing integral roles in the supply chain of goods. Bilateral treaties and agreements have created a solid basis of information sharing and cooperation for our evolving partnership to fight corruption and other crimes, including atrocity crimes.

When we stand up for human rights and justice, for free and vibrant societies, for the self-determination of peoples and for a sustainable planet, we do so in the interest of our own people. We also strongly believe that these principles are the best basis for strong and resilient relations between nations. The trustful and robust relationship between Liechtenstein and the United States is a case in point and I look forward to further strengthening our ties during my tenure.